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STRATEGY                                                                                                  DESIGN

                  Strategic innovation Product planning                                                                        Industrial and concept design

                        Business innovation Strategy                                                                          Human factors and ergonomics
                    Industrial and Intellectual Property                                                                                 Product design
       Offer technology and IP scouting in early design phase                                                                            Housing design

                                     research                                                                                  3D Modeling  and animations

                               MARKETING                                                                                         MECHANICAL ENGINEEING

                  Market research and focus groups                                                                                      Mechanisms design

                        Design and user research                                                                                      Assembly design (DFA)
                               Name creation                                                                                                 Detail design
                      Brand and corporate image                                                                                      CAD (Solids and Surfaces)

                              Package design                                                                                     Mechanical and electric design
                              Retail and P.O.P                                                                                               Cost analysis

                                 IP STRATEGY                                                                                            ELECTRONIC DESIGN

                        Name and Brand registration                                                                              Circuit design (analog and digital)
                        Industrial design registration                                                                              Rigid and flexible PCB design
                         Utility models and patents                                                                                 Microcontroller programming

                  Drawings for patent application form                                                                  Control systems design based in micro interface
          Development and assistance in industrial property                                                                      Analog and digital data acquisition

                 Patent evaluation and intangible assets                                                                        Control software and development
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