Page 4 - Coredesign Fact Sheet
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                                                               We offer a comprehensive range of value-added

                                                               design and engineering services tailored to your
                                                              market and needs through three primary business


                                                                           Contract Design Services (CDS):
                                                                     our customer purchases engineering and

                                                             development services on a time and materials basis

                                                             Joint Development Manufacturing (JDM) services:

                                                            our engineering and development teams work jointly

                                                                 with our customers’ teams to ensure product
                                                                development integrity, seamless manufacturing

                                                                        handoffs, and faster time to market;

                                                            Original Design and Manufacturing (ODM) services:

                                                              our customer purchases a product that we design,

                                                                develop and manufacture and sells it under the

                                                                                 customer's brand name
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