COREDESIGN designs products for different kinds of industries, from the original concept of a product to the search of innovation opportunities.

By studying and analyzing the user through design, we engineer the product in order to make it suitable for production, including defining the fabrication tools, tests and certifications, and finally the manufacturing process.

Depending on every project, we can customize the process if there are some functions your company already performs.

Phase 1+ User Research

We understand our clients and consumer needs by using design thinking, so we make innovations through research and observation of people and their daily activities.

Phase 2+ Concept Design and Industrial Design

We generate several concepts of your product, making models and first prototypes to test it. Once we have the right one, we detail materials, textures and possible manufacturing processes, making visualizations and renderings to communicate the final industrial design.

Phase 3+ Prototyping

Using rapid prototyping techniques, we make and assemble several working prototypes in order to test fit and function. Aesthetic prototypes help validate the final product with marketing and possible buyers. Testing for approval of national normativity and a regulatory supervision is performed depending on the client’s scope.

Phase 4+ Product Engineering

We develop the product architecture in order to detail design the product using advanced CAD tools, and defining the mechanical, electrical and electronic aspects of the product.

Phase 5+ Testing

CORE Testing capabilities in alliance with CESAT/UPAEP

Metal mechanics:

  • Tension and compression test
  • Flexion test
  • Hardness (Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell)

Plastics and elastomers:

  • Tension and compression test
  • Tension with temperature(+70-180 degrees celsius)
  • Glow wire test
  • Hardness shore A,D and M
  • Izod impact test and regulatory crash test
  • Flame resistance

Engineering analysis:

  • Mechanical and thermal analysis
  • Finite Elements Analysis
  • DFA analysis
  • Regulatory supervision (fcc, fda, NOM, etc.)
  • Mold flow simulation

Refrigeration systems analysis and simulation

Phase 6+ Tooling

With our specialized outside partners, COREDESIGN is able to design and build molds, jigs and fixtures for plastic molding, testing and packaging equipment, and assembly equipment.

Phase 7+ Pilot Run

In order to complete the development circle, we are able to manage the first pre production lot or pilot series, so you get a real sample of your product (first articles) in a real manufacturing environment.

Phase 8+ Manufacturing

COREDESIGN has several certified manufacturing suppliers in Mexico, so we can help you make your product with advantages such as a competitive cost, excellent manufacturing and less delivery time, because we are closer to you.

Industrial Design

Through a consistent and deep consumer research, we transform our customers ideas into different design solutions that enhances their brand DNA, considers ergonomics for optimum use, and generates industrial property as an intangible asset of your company.

Bottle Engineering

We use high end design and engineering software to create 3D digital models of the final design whether is solid or surface modeling, we translate any design into a manufacturable product.

We perform volumetric analysis modifying bottle dimensions to fit the original restrictions, without losing design intent, so what you saw in the design phase, is what you will get.


With our in house rapid prototyping facility, we get a physical volumetric model for form and function fit for engineering purposes, so we have your product fast right in your hands.

But if what you need is an aesthetic model for marketing and sales, our model shop can build appearance and master models with high degree of detail.


With different tools, we can simulate blow molding and injection molding of your design, in combination with Finite Elements Analysis to identify possible failures and geometry modifications for optimal final design.

Cam Tooling

We manufacture blow molds and injection tooling using CNC turning and milling equipment to produce high quality parts.

Manufacturing Assistance

With a broad range of manufacturing contacts and suppliers, COREDESIGN has the ability to answer any manufacturing needs, from a prototype production of 2000 pieces up to final production of thousands.

The prototype production gives our customer important data of how design works in the marketplace, filling lines, shipping cases, warehouses, etc, so when you decide to invest in final production, you are completely sure how your design works.

At COREDESIGN we have developed hundred of concepts of displays and Point of Purchase solutions for our client´s exhibition needs, ranging from the entire business concept and name, to the specific furniture, graphics and interiors of a local franchise.

We design and manufacture permanent, semi permanent and temporary displays, such as:

  • Counter displays
  • Cut case displays
  • Window displays
  • Floor stands
  • Bins
  • Banners and exterior graphics
  • Standees
  • Stands
  • Interior design
  • Retail
  • Merchandising

In order to test and validate our designs, we have organized a full set of prototyping solutions for the PROOF OF CONCEPT phase:

  • Muck ups
  • Volumetric models
  • Appearance models
  • Form, fit and function prototypes
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Vacumm casting
  • Functional simulators
  • Pre-production prototypes
  • Unique solutions

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