• At COREDESIGN we satisfy the innovation need and creation of new manufactured products, providing one stop solution for innovation, from conceptualization to manufacturing of final products, in one integrated strategic service with design, marketing and engineering for the consumer goods market.

  • COREDESIGN is a company that generates knowledge, uses new technologies and develops products and services to satisfy the need of innovation in the form of final products for the manufacturing consumer goods industry.

  • We work with different industries, from the original concept of a product to the search of innovation opportunities.

  • Studying and analyzing the user through design, we engineer the product in order to make it sustainable for production, including the fabrication tools, testing and certifications, and finally the manufacturing process.

We offer a comprehensive range of value-added design and engineering services tailored to your market and needs through three primary business models--CDS, JDM and ODM:

  • Contract Design Services (CDS), where our customer purchases engineering and development services on a time and materials basis;

  • Joint Development Manufacturing (JDM) services, where our engineering and development teams work jointly with our customers’ teams to ensure product development integrity, seamless manufacturing handoffs, and faster time to market;

  • Original Design and Manufacturing (ODM) services, where our customer purchases a product that we design, develop and manufacture and sells it under the customer's brand name.
I.D. Rigoberto Cordero,
founder and CEO, I/IDSA

Product designer, bachelor in industrial design, Universidad Iberoamericana Sta. Fe, Mexico City.

He has more than 15 years of experience in product design for companies, entrepreneurs, and private and public institutions, and has developed design projects for different industries, creating new businesses by integrating design and technology.

He has participated in the creation of several patents and has been involved in design education for more than 10 years, collaborating with Universidad Iberoamericana and Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, as well as with several business incubators as a product design consultant.

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Since 1997 we are an engineering and product design consulting firm focused on new product development using innovation and integration of new technologies at the service of companies that want to grow or differentiate themselves in the market.

We generate new opportunities through design innovation for the main interest of our clients.

  • We are aligned and focused on a shared visión with our clients, because good ideas come either side of the table.
  • Our culture is made up of individuals passionate about design, creativity and innovation.
  • We serve our communities while providing value to our customers and consumers.
  • We are consistent about our beliefs and maintain the highest ethical standards.
Results Oriented
  • We deliver superior results doing things efficiently achieving project objectives and defined goals.
  • We brake paradigms and question de statu quo.
  • We generate new business models through new ways of thinking.
  • We question actual lifestyle and the system within.
  • We generate a positive change, oriented to value creation and innovation.
  • We question the actual political, productive, and commercialization systems.
  • We are against corruption, inefficiency, bureaucracy, unproportional waste and natural, human and energetic resources exploitation.
  • CEEY
  • INAOE (National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics)
  • AXIS

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